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Swot Media (RC: 2370430)

S.W.O.T is a group of strategists who deliver striking integrated communications programs for today’s leading brands. Across sectors and media platforms, we proactively build the language, images and context that turn clients into archetypes in their respective fields. With the right combination of polished veterans and raw, new thinking across branding, advertising, PR, digital and social media, S.W.O.T turns ordinary boundaries into thriving new frontiers.
In a nutshell, we commit, create and inspire. Our strong network chain is channeled to creating a more entrepreneurial agency, one uniquely positioned to meet the challenges our clients face in a changing media landscape. Our agency is founded on the notion that true activeness fosters an environment in which independent-minded professionals deliver the best in client service, creativity and results.
S.W.O.T tradition of excellence in communications, advertising, PR, HR, branding and consultancy has put us forward convincingly among the leading brands with exceptionality. We are one of the largest independent PR firms in Nigeria and we work collaboratively with our colleagues across geographies to deliver results. Our clients receive boutique-style attention, reinforced with the massive resources of a global powerhouse.