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On this day, millions of Nigerians across the world commemorate the Democracy Day in our dear country. This day is borne out of our quest for the institutionalization of modern democracy, the rule of law on our shores. In 1999, Nigerians tasted democracy again and the taste still linger till date. Since then, the government at the centre have been governed by a President while those at the state level
are being managed by Governors. The core essence of the annual democracy day is for us to appraise our democracy to ascertain whether we are working towards attaining the best practice of democracy, bearing in mind our history, core values, socio – economic system, diverse cultural identities and people.
The reverse is not the case in the Pacesetter state. Our affairs have been managed by Governors too (Past and present).
Oyo State is blessed with a very fertile arable land, favourable ecological and climatic conditions for agricultural production and solid minerals which are in high demand in the international market. Oyo State is the home of monuments like the first sky scrapper in Africa, the first industrial estate in Nigeria, the firs Amphi – Theatre located at Mokola hill, Ibadan, the first University in Sub – Sahara Africa(University Of IBADAN) , the oldest active newspaper organization in Nigeria (The Nigerian Tribune), the first five star hotel in Nigeria,( Premier Hotels) the first stadium in Africa, (Liberty Stadium Ibadan) the first Television station in Africa, (NTA IBADAN) one of the first sets of University College hospitals (UCH IBADAN) in Africa, the palaces of our paramount rulers in Oyo State amongst other tourist sites.
In the same vein, Oyo State has produced indigenes who have contributed immensely to development of the socio – economic, intellectual and creative landscape of Nigeria and that of Africa.
My fellow Oyo State people, the government has the responsibility of ensuring that the machineries of government are put in active use so that the goals of government will be achieved. The government, at all times, must work towards winning the public trust because the people have invested so much in government and their expectations must be met. Oyo State is not doing badly at the moment we can only try harder on improving and getting to a greater height through the support of you, the good people of Oyo State.
It is a universal truth that, beside every problem lies its solution. To this end, all hands must be on deck for us to attain our sustainable development goals in Oyo State.
It is expedient for all stakeholders to develop pragmatic approach to tackling our problems heads on so as to take our state to where it ought to be and to assure our people that, a new Oyo State is possible regardless of our numerous challenges.
Once again! Happy Democracy day
Hon. Dada Awoleye
Ibadan, Nigeria

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