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The management of University Of has SUSPENDED the Student leaders and ALL UNION ACTIVITIES.

students have come up with different reactions. some said:

This man called Professor Idowu Olayinka is another typical example of General Sanni Abacha in University of Ibadan. He will surely end his tenure like that of Late Sanni Abacha in Jesus name.

It will be remembered in history that today, 30th May, 2017, Prof Idowu Olayinka suspended the UI students' Union. Posterity will never forgive those who intend to "kill" our voice.

I know how some will say that since some of us have graduated, we should not try to keep them in school ... I know how everyone wants to graduate and not truncate a slow session... And I know that most Uites are actually still young and have not been exposed to the right orientation needed to hold a socially irritating bull by the horns. I know these things.
But, can you just tell me why some of you are angry that they will delay your graduation/exams if they confront the management? Where exactly are you rushing to? Out here where there are stinking evils left to roam the daytime because people like us chose to remain quiet when the evil was still incubating? Do you know that there are actually no jobs for those who graduated 10 years ago? And do you know that we recently visited a court and the hearing could not hold because there was no fuel/diesel to power the generator? Have the national fevers we have not taught you that a person who spends money without accounting for its result is doomed? Have you not been told that people who maltreat others for doing what is right are agents of the Devil? And don't you know that these funny things are taking place because people have been in a hurry -like you- to achieve little success at the expense of their brighter futures? Where you wan run go if you never sabi repair where you dey?
My point is, you should ensure that you begin to take an active part in correcting the wrongdoing of anyone around you. We learn everyday. So, if you have not been making efforts to correct defects in the system, please change.
As for those threats and poor utterances that we have heard of, I just have to agree that there is a generation of elders that accuses the youth of being irresponsible with one side of the mouth, and places a curse on the tomorrow of the youth with another side of the mouth. This is wrong. In more direct terms, I will advise the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan to retrace his steps and change how he talks - if he has been talking the way we have heard that he does- so that he will not give the impression that the management of the school is a collection of white-haired bullies. If he has not been saying these things that we have been told he says, then he must learn to bridge the lapses and gaps in communication that may be causing this level of misunderstanding between his office and the students.
Where I come from, an old man does not smear the sitting room with poop, and he does not beat a child and take away his tears.
As you congregate or protest or do both, I pray that you all get the wisdom and unity you will need to conquer this stink in our system. What is wrong is wrong, but do not become as bad as what you are fighting. Remember, you are Uites, proud ones.

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