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How To Conquer Your Fear Of Talking To Strangers And Selling To Them

Fear is the most crippling traits anyone can have.

It's detrimental.


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And if not conquered...
... Will hold you back from ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS.

Conquering Fear is tough.

In sales, the fear is usually dealing with talking to a complete stranger and selling to him.


How about creating a video to capture and hold the attention of your intended audience?

In what I think is the most greatest book about sales, "How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling. By Frank Bettger," Bettger talks about conquering his most detrimental crippling fear of talking to a stranger, selling to him, how he over came his fear and how conquering his fear opened the doors to a successful career as an insurance salesman.

Frank Bettger was afraid of talking to a complete stranger and selling insurance to him. He fear held him back and because of that fear, he barely made any money at all.

One day he had enough of barely making any money so he decided he needed to do something about it.

Frank took a trip to his local Y.M.C.A and asked the program director about any programs that could help him conquer his fear of talking to strangers.

The director smiled and told him yes.

The director took Frank to the back and introduced him to public speaking.

They both just so happen to walk in on of the students getting ready to give a speech. Frank was fascinated and wanted to join immediately.

The director obliged and told Frank he would be next to speak.(Talk about jumping into the lions den eh?)

Of course speaking for the first time Frank was shaking in his boots. Who wouldn't? A shy timid person who is scared to talking to a complete stranger and now having to talk to a room full of strangers!

Frank saddled up, walked up to the podium and began to talk.

He talked about why he was there. He talked about his job and how he was having problems talking with complete strangers. He talked about what he wanted to accomplish and how he planned on achieving his goal.

Yep. His first speech wasn't that great but he didn't care at all.

What Frank did was to take the first step in conquering his fear of talking to strangers.

So what happened after Frank gave his speech?

He enrolled in the public speaking course and attended classes regularly.

Two months later he was speaking to crowds of 100, holding their attention and enjoying the experience.

It changed his life for the better.

People were coming up to him wanting to buy insurance and others just wanted to hang around him.


So how does one go about conquering their fear of talking to a complete and utter stranger and selling to them?

The best way is to take a public speaking course.

Honestly what more is there to it?

Scared to talk to one complete stranger?

How about talking to a room full of complete strangers and holding their attention?

Learning how to speak publicly can also do wonders for your personality even if you're a boring old gnat.

And developing that magnetic personality is needed if you are in network marketing.

Get out there and start talking to the public. It's what business is all about

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