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Wike has done more projects than FG, says Akpabio

Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio, has declared that Rivers State Governor, Nyesom  Wike, has  executed more projects in the last two years than the All Progressives Congress (APC) -led Federal Government. 
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Addressing  newsmen  after accompanying  governor  Wike  on an extensive  projects  inspection yesterday, Senator Akpabio  said Wike’s  excellent  performance stemmed  from his love for Rivers  people.
“Governor Wike has done more work and projects in the last two years than the Federal Government.  That is my considered opinion. Performance  is not necessarily  an issue of the availability  of  resources.  If your state gets N5 billion, do projects of that amount. If you get N1 billion, do projects commensurate with that  figure. For governor  Wike, he has judiciously  applied  the scarce resources available to the state to develop needed infrastructure. 
“The resources  available  to  Rivers state  is nothing  compared to that of the federal government.  Rivers state Government gets far less than a quarter than one percent of what accrues to the federal government, but, we can see the tremendous  quality  of  transformation taking place in the state.
“It is  not so much money that makes performance.  It is love for your people. When you are elected, if you love your people, you will perform; no matter  the  little  money that you  have.
“What I am seeing here, in Rivers state,  is not like a recession  economy because  the governor loves his people. Let me use this opportunity  to congratulate  workers at the various  sites because  they are acquiring  a lot of skills working at the sites.
“The kind of projects governor Wike  is doing in Rivers  will attract  the  world to the state. Today, there is a song, that ‘the handwork of Wike is beautiful.”’
Senator Akpabio  advised governor Wike  “not to be distracted by political detractors who engage in political  blackmail.”  He said no matter  the attempt to distract him, governor Wike  should continue  his transformation of the state. 
He said: “I want to urge all governors who have the opportunity  to  lead their states to visit Rivers state.
“I want to say this with pride that governor Wike is working. We pray God to continue to bless, protect and keep him to work for the state. Governor Wike  loves his people, he loves Rivers and that is why he is doing this. It is not everyone  that will transform  Rivers  in such a short time. Under two years, the results are everywhere.  The roads we think that will not be done, have been done. When it comes to the time of election and the people risk their lives for Wike.  People will say may be he sponsored thugs  or  used money. It is governor Wike’s work that will determine the electoral future.”
He commended  Governor Wike  for restoring the pride of the State  as the capital  of the Niger Delta. 
Governor Wike during  the  inspection tour, explained the importance  of  the  State Ecumenical Centre, the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park and Landscaping Architecture at Airforce overheard bridge, Port Harcourt.
Wike said that his administration  would continue  to  sustain the execution of  projects  across the state, despite  the  economic recession. 

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