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Wanted For Murder: Chapter 3


Three hours later, the door buzzed. Turned out my first visitor prefers ringing the bell to kicking the door in. I looked at the screen and saw Detective Rachel standing there, smiling. I stood from the sofa on which I was sprawled and pressed unlock from the remote control on the table (Oh! I didn’t tell you about that? My room is that cool). Wait a minute, there’s no bell…  The door opened and she stepped in, grinning from ear to ear like she just came in to see her husband. I have a friend who’ld say she was blushing.
“Hello Mubarak”

“Do I get an explanation for all this?” I replied.
“Oh! I forgot about your bad manners. Do I owe you an explanation? I saved you from the blind long arm of the law, is all.”
“I’m sorry” I replied, and to diverge I said “Oh wait, you rang the bell, but I didn’t see a doorbell”
She looked at me like I was a fool and said “There’s no bell”
“But you rang the bell…” I protested.
She sighed “It’s automatic. Now are we going to stand here all day discussing about a doorbell that is not present?”
I shook my head and said “I really don’t know how to thank you for all this. But I’m…”
“Fine. I rescued you because I knew you were innocent. Now, you can thank me by telling me the WHOLE truth, from the beginning…” she held up her hand “but not yet. I have to get inside my room and make some arrangements. Your friends are combing everywhere for you. Good thing there were no security cameras on the train, things would have been messier.”
“How much did you spend on all this?” I asked spreading my arms to indicate the room.
“One million naira for both rooms for the five days, why?” she said nonchalantly.
I opened my mouth in shock then she said:
“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going bankrupt… yet. I had support.”
This just keeps getting more confusing, someone out there wanted me out of prison. But why? I mean, there’s no one else I know who cares about what happens to me…
The detective caught the confusion in my eyes and said “I also don’t know who it is, I received an untraceable anonymous mail declaring your innocence and then the person sent 5 million naira into an offshore account… BUT that was not why I rescued you, Mr anonymous only made the job easier. Guess you have a lot of fans.”
"You said he sent you a mail, maybe I could trace it, find where it came from."
"Been there, done that. I asked an FBI tech expert to trace it for me and sorry to wound your pride, but I bet he's better than you. All we got was an empty warehouse in Ib city. The computer that was used to send the mail was still there. See, I'll go change my clothes, then we'll talk."
I saw her go out and with one heavy sigh I threw myself on the bed and had the best sleep I'd had in two weeks. It all felt like a very long dream- the freedoms  aspect of course. The part where I'm a wanted criminal felt more like a nightmare turned into a season movie.
#chapter2 ends.
Up next: chapter three- ALWAYS A DETECTIVE

It was 4pm when the alarm buzzed once again; I didn’t have to check the screen before knowing it was the detective. I unlocked the door and she came in. I had to admit, she looked attractive, and maybe that was an understatement. I wonder if she was engaged, because if she was I wouldn’t want to be in her partner’s trouble. She was definitely a lady that would make a man jealous. Her hair which was previously in a ponytail was now sprawled over her shoulders. She wore a sleeveless shirt and a denim skirt… Wait why am I even talking about her? I’m not a fan of pretty women.
She pulled out a chair and sat then she said “We can start talking once you remember to sit.”
I woke from my thoughts with a start and sat on the sofa. Then she continued “Now that you’re an escaped convict and I’m aiding and abetting, we need a way to make them believe you’ve abducted me. To convince them I didn’t help you out.”
“They’ll know eventually… They definitely know someone helped me. What about the cuffs?”
“You really think I’m that stupid?” She asked “If they look hard enough, they’ll find those cuffs in your abandoned lab at Ekiti.”
“You mean you’ve been to Ekiti after I got out? That’s…”
She shook her head, “I don’t work alone.”
“You have friends working with you to break criminals out of jail? Lemme guess, ex-convicts like me?”
She smiled and said “You’re not an ex-convict yet, just an escaped criminal, and yes, they’re ex-convicts I helped out.”
I shook my head and said “And they think you’re he best detective yet you help criminals escape”.
“Not criminals, innocent convicts, and their innocence have always been proven in the end. But none of their cases has ever been as delicate as yours.”
“How many have you helped?” I asked.
“Five, including you.” She replied.
“Well, I think mine will be the last case that brings you down. I mean, I’m even surprised I haven’t been found yet. They could trace me with bloodhounds”
She scoffed. You’ve been watching too many movies. One, even if they requested for the dogs immediately, it would take quite a time to bring them down to where you escaped, and the dogs would be relying on your smell. But I know you took a cab about 100 metres from the train…” I opened my mouth but she help up her hand and continued “I know because the taxi driver was with me. The dogs would normally trace you to that point, but I needed to throw them further away so, I sprayed a special kind of perfume on your clothes – which the dogs would sniff -  and I had the driver of that taxi discreetly apply the perfume strategically along the route to the interstate garage. Buses only travel to five states from that garage, the only state you had any roots in is Ekiti.”
I opened my mouth in awe and for a while nothing came out, then I said “So they’ld figure I had gone to my former residence or my lab to hide out for a while.”
“Exactly. They also know you haven’t been there in a while and you wouldn’t expect them to think of you going there, which makes the plan sound genuine. They could never think you would still be staying near where you first fled.”
I was astonished at the brilliance of her idea, I felt like hugging her, but she was still smiling with me, so I thought let’s just keep it that way. I wouldn’t want to sign up for her slap one more time. No doubt, no other person could deceive the police more than their best detective. But for how long? Finally I said “sooner or later, I’ll be found and then it’s game over.”
She lost her temper:”Come on! I’m putting my whole life, my career, my freedom on the line here to help you. The least you could do is show some appreciation and some faith! We won’t be staying here forever, Just for a short time while things cool down before we move again”
I became angry too and I screamed “To where? To be on the run for the rest of my life? What have you done? You know, while I was back there, there was this tiny glimmer of hope, hope that there was a chance my innocence could be proven. But now, if I’m found – WHEN I’m found, it’s simply over.”
She shook her head and said “So do I just cuff you and take you back? You know what? It’s fine. It’s not too late, I can still bring you in. I can cuff you and make up some story about how I found in some hotel under a false name.”
“Well, that’s what I was just saying. That would ruin my life.”
“The way I see it, it was already ruined. The world thinks you killed the ex-richest man’s daughter. One of the most influential women in the country; you think there’s any way you could have escaped from that? You were gonna rot in jail. I saved you, I broke you out. You’re not my first; you probably won’t be my last. All I’m asking for is some faith in me.”
I felt sorry “I’m sorry... It’s just, all of this, it isn’t supposed to be happening to me. Why are you helping me?”
“Because I know you’re innocent.”
“What convinces you?” I asked.
“Call it intuition…”
“wait, you’re putting your life on the line based on intuition” I said, pronouncing intuition like it was an abomination.
“Not just that, you passed all my tests, your story checked out, and finally, unless you’re an American spy, there’s no way you could have gotten past my lie detector.” She concluded, pointing to her tablet. “Now no more questions, I’ll tell you my plan.”
I paid attention as she laid out her plan. We were going to stage an attack in which I would take her hostage. I would not make it overly dramatic but it would be obvious enough to be caught on the camera installed near the emergency exit, in her house. She stayed in ilesa, osun state, a one hour drive from the hotel.

Chapter 3 to be continued...

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