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 Hey Divas,

 Nigeria is an interesting country, with a peculiar culture and numerous traditions. But despite the obvious fact that the whole African continent is now increasingly oriented towards European standards, Nigerian wedding still preserves traditions have been saved among the local population. Wedding in Nigeria is one of the most celebrated events that people look forward to. Unlike in the West where weddings are not planned big and can happen anywhere at anytime, Nigerian weddings take a whole lot of planning and preparation on both sides for that big day. As we are all familiar with Nigerian weddings comes in two major ways- traditional wedding and the white wedding (as some people might call it); both which require entirely different outfits.

Traditional weddings are one of the most interesting and most common social functions in Nigeria. It is usually an amazing moment with a display of cultural heritage, traditions and customs. Traditional wedding attires are magnificent outfits that makes a wedding ceremony stand out. They are very distinctive, with a rich blend of colours; containing every traditional African elements that makes them vibrant and elegant. Traditional wedding is one event that Nigerians don’t joke as it is usually mandatory for a couple to have a traditional wedding even if they wouldn’t have any white wedding. Perhaps your wedding is around the corner and you are contemplating on what to rock for your traditional wedding, here are some  traditional wedding attires to inspire you…

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