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Maybe Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

Have you ever thought why you hate your work or feel a divorce is required or become a drug addict or alcoholic? Do you feel this way? Have you ever pondered about it at your root level? Could there be one unanimous big reason behind it all? Read on to find out.Image result for love is not enough

The reason could be that love isn't enough with your relationships, at your work or in the family. That is why you think of moving places, filing a divorce against your spouse or becoming a heavy smoker, drug addict or alcoholic.

Do your actions in search of the love you truly need help you? Maybe to some extent. What on the other hand could help you to a large extent and beyond? Have you ever thought or imagined? Any answer comes to your mind?

In my opinion there is one possible remedy behind it all. It's so simple that it will amaze you.

The possible solution is: SIMPLY LOVE YOURSELF. Read that again. Did you get it right? Well, let me explain it a bit.

Do the work you love everyday and wake up excited everyday for it. Lose yourself completely in it. What better way is there to earn your living and enjoy it at the same time?

Do your favorite pastimes. Be busy. People will start to appreciate you.

Wear a smile on your face. Never scowl or be grumpy. People will start to like your company.

All these become possible for you when you start to love yourself more. Family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even strangers will be awesome nice to you and you will earn all the love you need.

You don't feel the need to move places because you don't hate your work anymore. On the contrary, you have found the work you love and you don't feel the need to move anywhere.

Your family is fine. There are no money struggles. Love abounds in your family.

You don't have to be a heavy smoker, drug addict or alcoholic in order to forget your pain or tension that you have otherwise felt before. This is because you love yourself now and love around is enough for you.

Love is the most unknown and strongest vibrational energy on this planet. Without it, the earth cannot spin nor can you survive. So make sure you love yourself enough and then there will always be enough love around for you.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, highlighting why you hate your work or your relationships suffer and she gives a simple remedy for it.

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