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I love DIY tutorials they make me come alive and they make me feel there is absolutely nothing I can’t make with my own hands. The ripped jean fad has been trending for a while and doesn’t look like its going anywhere soon, a lot of us figured it might probably go out of fashion and that’s why we’ve refused to join in the trend or maybe you just can’t imagine buying a ripped jean but you do secretly want to have one then don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect solution. This DIY how to rip your own jean tutorial would show you the steps you need to follow to create your own ripped jean, you don’t need a new pair of jean to achieve this, just pick out one you have in your closet and follow the steps.

Step 1. Choose a pair of jean that fits properly, like i said there is no need to purchase a new pair of jean an already used one would provide better results.

Step 2. Gather your supply which includes a scissor blade or knife this would help create holes while sandpaper or grater or scrubbing (pumice)stone would give it a frayed look.
Distressed-destroyed-ripped jeans 02
Step 3. Lay out the jean and select the spot you want to rip, make sure to avoid ripping the spot where your underwear would show.
Step 4. Spread out the jean and then put in a piece of plywood(if you have), you can also use a cutting board or an old book this is so you don’t mistakenly rip the back.
Step 5. If you want your jean frayed then this should be next after you’ve placed the wood or whichever alternative you want to used. Start fraying with a pumice stone or sand paper or grater which ever works for you. Note that if you would rather cut the jean then you can do so there’s no need to weaken them first.
Step 6. After fraying, use your hands a needle or a picker to start loosening the fibers to create a hole.
Step 7. Then you add holes in the jean using a knife, blade or scissors, make the rip across not down and up.
Step 8. Using your hands ripped the jean further don’t do this with fuss as you might over rip it but it might just become a distressed jean instead lol. Also avoid cutting too many holes
Step 9. To keep the holes from getting bigger simply sew around the rip using a white or light blue thread or whatever color your jean is.
Step 10. Have fun spotting your ripped jean proudly.

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