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The whole entire internet has been buzzing all day with the disqualification of BigBrother housemate Kemen over sexual harassing Fellow Housemate Tboss while she was asleep, some have said it was such a harsh punishment while others have agreed that it was only right. As usual everybody has their two cents on the matter and so do I. In all honesty I believe that Kemen’s served as an example to the world.


Let me start by answering the question, What is Sexual Harassment?
Its defined as bullying or coercion relating to a sexual nature; its also the inappropriate or unwelcome reward or promise in exchange for sexual favors. Unwanted sexual advances, physical and verbal harassment of a sexual nature are also considered and all of this is illegal.
Why Do I Think Kemen Was Rightly Disqualified?
If you followed the show you would understand that Tboss was always vocal and tried to resist the sexual advances made by fellow housemate Kemen. Its in a mans (generic now) nature to make sexual advances but when those advances are rejected you should stay clear.
When a woman says No you should respect that response (whether you think she’s a h*e or not) but many men always take advantage instead of being respectful and staying away. There are many situations whereby women have been sexually harassed without being aware of it. This is the case of Tboss, it can be seen that Tboss was under the influence thus she was unaware of her surrounding and yet she was taking advantage of.
The fact that she didn’t consent to this action makes it a criminal offence.
General Thoughts on all Forms of Sexual Harassment 
Most Nigerian men have always thought they could get away with anything, their masochism has caused a lot of women to be sexually harassed, abused etc and that to me is a crime on its own. The fact that we live in a country that promote’s sexual harassment makes it harder to find a solution to stop this pandemic but I believe that we would get there; meanwhile if you are being harassed sexually and you have resisted severally you should take a chance by report to the police or any women’s or human right group.
In closing I believe that any situation that is termed Harassment should be punishable by the law.

Lets get this conversation popping what do you think of the Kemen and Tboss situation? Talk to us in the comment section below

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