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Sir what should we do?" A voice heavy laden with worry asked him. He looked at all of them, these people had been with him since the very beginning and they would stand by him through thick, thicker and the occasional thin. He rose from his throne and said, "I want you all to be at alert, dangerous times are upon us and we cannot afford more loss than we have already. Report any suspicious activities to your superiors and do not engage, I repeat do not engage even if you have the upper hand, that would be all." With that said he stood up and walked into his palace. Voices were ringing out from every corner as they all scattered, some of them pairing up with lust boldly written in their smiles. This was what they lived for, the were in love with the lust and their master gave them ample chance to explore it.
"Let's go for a little walk" he said to the pair of twinkling eyes before him.
He entered a jewelry shop and examined the goods they had on display, he ran his fingers through a particular one and walked up to the attendant and pointed to a set of golden bracelets on display, "how much for that?"
"Errm that's a new item, if you'll give me a minute I'll check the price." He smiled at her in response.
"It's fifty thousand Naira sir, the bigger set is twice that price." A chirpy voice replied from behind him, the lady in front of him curtseyed to her.
"So you're the boss here?" He flashed her a white smile and she instantly lost her confidence, she was no match for the aura this man exuded, everyone in the boutique felt it.
"Y... Ye... Ye... Yesss" she stammered on her words and squirmed in place, he was staring into her eyes for too long and she couldn't break the contact, it was like their eyes were magnetic or at least his eyes were.
"Never mind, I was just window shopping, you seem to be a new business" it was more of a question, than a remark. He looked outside for a minute just so she could answer him without stammering.
"Yes we are and we'll love your patronage" she smiled her professional smile, she was finally getting a hold of her senses, well almost all of them, she was grateful she had decided against the trousers her sister picked out for her and wore a skirt instead, it did well to conceal the reason for her uneasiness. But the attendant's case was different, she knew men weren't her thing but this very one affected her like no man or woman had ever done. He exuded pure lust, he flashed her a smile before walking out of the boutique, the moment he was out, the atmosphere changed, everything was back to normal.
 Well everything was until later in the day, when an extremely handsome man walked into her boutique, he wore a very expensive suit, walked past the attendant, straight into her office, and sat down like he had done it a thousand times before. She looked up from the paperwork she was battling, her face a mix of surprise, anger and caution. He looked like a typical hit man, but something about him told her he wasn't going to shoot her and jump out through the window. He waited till she had fully composed herself before speaking,
"I'm sorry for barging into your office like this but the matter is urgent. The man that came in here this morning, what did he say?" She was irritated at his arrogant tone but she didn't voice her annoyance.
"Nothing, he was just window shopping" she regarded him critically and wondered if she had met him somewhere, he looked familiar but that wasn't was unsettled her, it was the fact that looking at him made her feel horrible for all the dirty thoughts that had dominated her mind since the strange man came earlier.
"If he shows up next time, call the number on this card and please you'll want to stay clear of him" he said as he rose, smiled at her and walked out. She looked at the card and walked after him, as he got into his car and drove off, the very person she had been warned about appeared before her, he didn't say anything just looked at her, pointed his chin in the direction

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