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Does God Approve Only Missionary Style Even For Pregnant Wives?

Sex is one area that attracts much attention across boards. Never is it mentioned in a circle without someone chuckling or beaming with smile. In most religious settings, issues relating tosex are not usually discussed as some view it ‘sacred’ to talk about.
A revelation by a particular Pastor, Olugbenga Oladejo, caused some to stir in awe, with his condemnation of different sex styles. Oladejo tagged as “unnatural and immoral” in his video message, all sex positions excluding the missionary style (husband on top of wife).

 He said couples particularly Christians who do not stick only to the missionary style are hell-bound.
Oladejo, who is reportedly founder of Complete In Christ Church based in the United Kingdom also condemned masturbation especially by couples. He stated partly in his message entitled‘Warnings to married Christian couples from the Lord Jesus Christ’ that:

“The Lord has made the man the head, not the woman. So, those men who enjoy their wives coming on top of them on their matrimonial bed, the Lord says they are not coming to heaven at all!
“Because they practice immorality on their bed. They change the ordinances of God on their bed. The Lord said He made man the head, and so shall it be. You cannot change that ordinance. The Lord did not create you to behave like a dog on your matrimonial bed with your wife; or like a goat, or like a cow, or like a chicken. Those who do that are not going to make it to heaven.”
In as much as the report has been on for a while, Independent Faith Views got individuals to react on it and here is what they have to say. Excerpts:

Primate Sunday Matilukuro
Where is it stated in the Bible that a particular way is how you should sleep with your wife? The Bible did not state how Adam slept with Eve. The Bible said both were naked and were not ashamed. If anyone is talking, he is talking his own mind not the scripture. It is an act of intrusion into couples’ privacy. The book of Ecclesiastes says enjoy the wife of thy youth. The book of Proverbs says drink water from your own cistern. When we expound this to people they laugh and say they never knew it is written in the Bible.  For the pregnant women, will a husband lay on her? Even in clinics you will be taught ways you can sleep with your wife so as to prepare her well for delivery. Or you want to abandon her so that she can suffer tears while delivering.
Otunba Stephen Taiwo (JP)
It is not wise to discuss what you do with your wife outside. Whatever a couple chooses to do between each other to enjoy is their choice, which should be respected.
 Lawal Kareem Adebisi
To the best of my knowledge, the only form of sex that God hates is anal sex. I challenge anybody to point out where it is written in the Bible or the Qu’ran that one sex position is forbidden.  People want to be relevant and in so doing, they just say anything that comes to their head.
 Marvelous Christian
I do not agree that sleeping with your wife on top of you or any other style aside the missionary is a sin, there is no place in the Bible that it is written that it is a sin. If a man is married, especially in church, he can practice any style he wants with his wife with consideration to when she is pregnant.
Charles Raymond
I see only as sinful having sex with someone you have not sworn an oath with at the altar of God. I can practice any style to please my wife’s urge for sex especially when she is pregnant. Sin is having sex with whom you are not legally married to.
 Chigozie Diala
First, drawing inference from the seventh of the Ten Commandments that provides we should not commit adultery. And when you have sex with someone who is not your husband or wife it’s a sin in the sight of God and man. In respect of the fact that it’s necessary to get married by observing church ceremony in authorised places like in the church or court registry, so you can practice any method you want with your wife or husband.
 Akinola Tosin
Believe me some of the people that belong to the position of the pastor in question are doing the worst behind the doors. 
Olakunbi Onashile
If that be the case that means almost all the world won’t make heaven. There is no actual scripture to back up a specific sex position. As long as married couples are involved it has to do with whatever gives them pleasure. I would like him to tell us specifically where it is stated in the Bible that any position aside missionary style will send you to hell. If he can’t come up with the scripture then he is wrong. I don’t care if he is Archbishop or Most Senior Apostle; anything outside of the Bible is heresy. 
Franklyn Achi
Sex is pleasurable and should be enjoyed between a man and his wife. Whatever the couple engages in during lovemaking is to increase the spark of love in their marital journey. The pastor is just being scared of the fact that he can’t satisfy his wife’s unpredictable lasting desire for more during sex.
Olusola Emmanuel
Before the creation of a woman, Adam had lived with animals and he even named them all. And most certainly had an idea of the sex position(s) used by the animals. And I am sure you all know that position. Moreover, variety is the spice of life. For me most pastors are ‘holy’ except behind closed doors with their wives. But, until he can show us a scripture to back it up, he is wrong.
Omoarebu Bright
That pastor only spoke out of his own self-righteousness. He could not even shed light on his assertion with the Bible. As long as sex is between two married persons, God does not forbid anystyle you both choose.

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