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Between Fayose and Fayemi

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Last week, former governor of Ekiti State, now Minister of Solid Minerals, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, seemingly flew a kite when, in a newspaper interview, he opined that the 2014 governorship tussle in Ekiti, which he lost to Governor Ayo Fayose, was still an “unfinished business”. He could be approaching the Supreme Court soon to once again try and get the apex court to reverse itself and void incumbent Fayose’s victory in that election, he claimed. Expectedly, that challenge drew Fayose to the edge of his seat. Immediately, he responded, denouncing Fayemi and declaring that he (Fayose) would fight to the finish.

To many, Fayemi merely flew a kite. He was trying to unsettle Fayose as well as trouble the political waters. Of late, Fayose has been having the Ekiti political space all to himself, riding high especially after hosting the meeting of the South-West governors; South-West PDP leaders; the carnival-like celebration of the International Women’s Day; not to forget his recent appointment as chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum.

Rather than abandon the Ekiti turf to Fayose, Fayemi may have decided to give the sleeping dog a side-kick!

Besides, the pushing and shoving towards next year’s governorship election in Ekiti may have started in earnest. Fayemi’s first hurdle, obviously, is the Herculean task of besting the motley crowd of aspirants from his own party. The best way to rally the party around Fayemi is to tackle Fayose; hence, he flew the kite of a return to the Supreme Court with “fresh facts” to wrest the mandate from Fayose.

But will the Supreme Court reverse itself on the Ekiti 2014 governorship election?  Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, JSC was at his best elements when he declared: “We are final not because we are infallible; rather, we are infallible because we are final” In other words, their Lordships admit their humanity and that human errors may occur; even at that, it does not vitiate the fact that the Supreme Court is the last bus stop in the adjudication trajectory. The Supreme Court reversing itself is, therefore, the exception rather than the rule.

Supreme Court justices have been very careful not to give politicians an inch in this regard; mindful of the fact that if they do, Nigerian politicians especially will take a mile and the name, honour, reputation, integrity, and standing of the Judiciary will take a serious bashing. Fayemi’s case is not likely going to be different. If he approaches the Supreme Court again on the same Ekiti 2014 election matter, it is likely he will be turned back; he may also receive a rebuke for abuse of court process.

 Fayose is more than half-way through into his second and final tenure and governorship election is due in Ekiti next year. What is the import of still running around the courts shopping for rulings when smart politicians are already traversing the nook and cranny of the state discreetly soliciting votes and support against 2018? Fayemi’s actual goal may not be uprooting Fayose but rallying the APC to himself so as to gain a head room in a crowded APC field of governorship aspirants, all of whom are chasing just one broom.

 Andrew Shedrack,

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