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The world is a beautiful and wonderful place isn’t it? I can hear a resounding place… Trust me guys I feel the same. Fashion is one of the beautiful things the world has to offer. Fashion is one of the things that has single highhandedly broken the chains and brought nations and countries together.
Fashion at the very beginning was secluded to a distinct number of people but it began to spread across the world allowing for different cultures to showcase what they had. The genesis can be traced back to Africa and then to Europe and then back to Africa and then the Asian continent… sincerely its was like a merry go round until now.
Right at this moment we can see how cultures are being accepted by other people that are not even a part of that culture, although its still its its early stages but fashion I believe would be the first thing to finally join the world together. An example of what I mean by fashion joining the world together is; Several Asian, Caucasian and south american women rocking the streets in outfits that are either made from Ankara or with the african motifs and designs”. There are of cause a large number of women and men that are doing this now but in the long run it would be bigger, the world would no longer see it as appropriation but a cultural celebration as everyone would be roped in and we would be able to enjoy each others culture.
While we await such a day, lets first start by making sure that we all in our own country are rocking the Ankara fabric, here’s some fabulous Ankara tops that we believe you would love;



Which Ankara top is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below…

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