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We all pray for a peaceful relationship and marriage, and every relationship that lacks peace would definitely be a war zone. Peace in a relationship or marriage doesn’t just come out of the ordinary; any relationship that has peace in it definitely has some qualities that you won’t ordinarily see on the surface. People envy couples that live in peace, but they don’t understand the processes that make couples peaceful.

Below are 6 qualities a peaceful relationship or marriage possesses:
A relationship or marriage where peace exists has understanding in abundance. Without understanding in a relationship, there would be no peace; understanding is what creates a harmonious relationship among couples.
It takes a high level of commitment to build understanding in a relationship. It can only take a couple that’s committed to each other to have understanding, and that understanding would in turn lead to peace in that relationship. Commitment is essential if you want to have a peaceful relationship; if it isn’t there then the relationship would definitely not sail smoothly.
A peaceful relationship also exists when both partners are happy. If one partner is unhappy then it could tamper with the peace in that union. Partners have to be happy to be in a relationship, they have to be happy about having the other person in their lives — without these, peace would just be a forlorn theory.
This is also another quality of a peaceful relationship or marriage; falling in love is one thing but cohabiting with your partner in a marriage especially is another thing. People fall in love, get married but don’t know how to live with each other; this in turn kills the peace and even the love in that union. For a union to be peaceful, partners have to exist together.
Peace can never exist in a relationship where couples have a black heart, a heart of malice and a mind of grudges. A peaceful relationship is one in which couples are ready to forgive each other and let go. Forgiveness is one thing and tolerance is another; for a relationship to be peaceful, couples should also learn to tolerate their partner in spite of their excesses.
Patience is also an important tool for peace to exist. To have a peaceful and successful relationship/marriage, you must be patient with your partner; without this, the relationship/marriage would come tumbling after. Patience is the bedrock of understanding, tolerance, love, forgiveness, cohabitation and commitment; without patience, these others would crumble.

A peaceful relationship/marriage is one everyone gets to envy; but there is really a lot of work to be put in order to achieve this. Do you really have a peaceful relationship?

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