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Hey Lovelies, ts Friday!! Whoop!! Whoop!!! As someone who has had a very dull and stressful week, this Friday couldn’t have come any sooner. This week has been some what of an eye opener for me, I’ve realized I basked in not only the simple things when it comes to fashion, but am also totally in love with “Freedom” By this I mean I love clothes that are freeing, clothes that make you move like the air and I don’t blame Rihanna for wanting something that feels like a second skin. I guess this epiphany came as a result of the heat wave (Its really hot guys). I remember I was spotting a blazer on Monday on my way to work and I yanked it off immediately I sat down because I just could not ignore and handle the heat. This weeks journey has made me decide that my Friday night outfit would be simple, cool and comfortable; Here are some of the Ideas I have for you if you are just like me; I really can’t think too much because am stressed so if that’s how you feel then a uniform piece is your best bet , Or you can just keep everything light by picking nude colors and pairing it with white. If you want to look Bad Ass but you just can’t be bothered by layers then a cut off mini dress is perfectOr you can go with a crop top and full length body con skirt in the same shade.,

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